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What does Social Media mean to you?

Hi all,

I have recently spent a bit of time getting more acquainted with the world of social media. It’s funny that being on Facebook and Twitter seems to be simply scratching the surface of the available channels out there. Most of us occasional users flock to these channels on a regular basis where we spend some time telling each other what is going on in our lives. Of course, it is almost the best way to stay connected to “friends” that are geographically inaccessible.

 That got me to thinking about the A+D industry and after some research I have discovered that very few A+D firms out there utilize even these most basic of social media channels. Some have blogs, promotional video but most remain largely inaccessible beyond their web sites. Most sites are devoted to telling you about their work, philosophy and why it is a good idea to work there or hire them to design something. There are some good messages out there and some interesting profiles but beyond the glitzy and sometime gimmicky web presence very few firms have a true social presence.

 I wonder if this emerging media platform that is heartily adopted by so many entrepreneurial media and marketing industry professionals is a vast untapped market for the A+D industry? What are the possibilities for us in the A+D market? How can we leverage these free channels to help each other grow and learn and to understand what is important to our clients and coworkers? What about our professional organizations? Do they participate beyond marketing to us, the industry professional?

 With these questions in mind leveraging access to some influential entrepreneurs in social media and internet marketing I did some poking around. Even with my limited experience I have discovered that there is a fantastic community out there with a like-minded approach to helping each other achieve their professional goals.

 Below are a couple of links that can get some interesting conversations started.

 How do you increase social influence? How can you influence your community?

 What’s your story? What have you done and how has it influenced your community?

 Hope you enjoy the content and drop me a line with a comment of your own. Positive or constructive, whatever.

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