Hemingway extracts

Flinch: A solid punch in the face.

A man’s got to take a lot of punishment to write a really funny book.

Ernest Hemingway clearly thought this was a humerous thing to say. Bastard. I have no idea if Julien Smith thinks this is funny or not or if he thinks he’s in over his head. Not that it really matters anyway. He, Julien not Hemingway, has done something that most writers never think of doing.

He is giving away his new book.

Go get it. It’s short, full of fire and will scare the s**t out of you. It did that to me. I can’t say I have the balls, yet, to try out some of what he’s suggesting especially the shower thing – damn! For anyone that needs a kick in the ass this is something that you are going to have to read. At 38 pages you have no excuse.

Hell, since he’s giving it away you can get it from me. Click it…… 2011_1203.THE FLINCH.

Read it, tell your friends, give it to your friends and let Julien know about what it did to you. If you like it wait for the hardcover and buy one. I will, for sure. Check back with The Domino Project (associate link) or look on my main page for the link.

It will totally f**k with your head.

Enjoy (ha, ha, ha).

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