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Tuesday Take-Away: Three films that will challenge your perspective.

This was an epic cinematic weekend for us.

It just goes that way occasionally. It felt like we were getting acclimatized for the upcoming TIFF Festival in Toronto. We saw three films that really shook things up for me personally.

They made me think.

The thing is that regardless of what we are doing we are always searching for unique ways of looking at the world, hence theviewfromhere and this weekend’s cinematic festivities did not disappoint.

That’s the great thing with cinema.

Well, I suppose it depends on what you like to see.

Far be it for me to announce that I am some guru in any capacity especially in the avenue of writing, film or psychology. I have lived as you have and have had my share of personal experiences which, for better or worse, form my perspective on life. Each and every experience, if you also approach life with a learning mindset, is an opportunity to change that perspective.

The question is does anyone else really want to know or should those personal experiences remain as such?


Sharing our experiences with those close to us is natural but sharing our insights with others across the world is a relatively new thing. Like this. I often wonder if I had lived during the turn of the century whether my desire to write and share my views would have emerged as it has now. Would I have been as free to share my thoughts and transmit them across the room (the big bad universe)?

I wonder.

You have to agree we are in the midst of an interesting time and as we have suggested in the past (look here if you are curious) we would be remiss to dismiss this gift for what it is.

For now.

I can only imagine if internet activity became regulated that the ease by which we offer and share our insights would somehow seem like a gloriously free-wheeling thing of the past.

Ah, the good old days, we might say.

It’s not likely to get there very soon and people my age probably will never see that day. Thank someone (whomever you feel appropriate). There seems to be a long, long way for this medium to grow and mature to a point where it’s seen as a true threat or asset and as we are all aware it usually takes a series of significant events for a sea change to occur.

So, should we be happy with the current state of affairs and keep on plodding along or should we look to shake stuff up?

How do you think the following films affect your answer?


This film examines a horrific event of manipulation by a sociopath who convinces people to commit terrible acts. A true story, as purported by the director, totalling 70 cases in North America before the perpetrator was caught.

Can you really believe anyone anymore? Should we be so cynical as to believe that there are people who want to harm us just for their own amusement?

Do we never challenge authority when the plausibility of what’s being said seems suspect?

Extreme, yes but it’s the world we live in. We can ignore it and tell ourselves everything is roses and cuddly and happy and fuzzy but it seems naïve to think so.

Being Flynn

We all know that ignoring addiction can be serious and the desire to learn from experience is very strong but it seems it must be tempered with practicality. With perspective.

You are of me, you are not me, is the premise behind a brilliantly depicted plight of a father and son battling addiction, suicide and to understand themselves. As writers and as people.

A Girl Walks into a Bar

Sometimes we just have to let go. Be free and experience life as it comes and when we do we may see things in a different light. What you thought might become your reality can be changed through a series of interconnected but seemingly random relationships.

If you imagine the world as one thing it becomes the reality you create. Being forced to step out of your comfort zone changes that reality and thereby changes your world. For better or for worse. It solely depends on you.

How do you feel about your world?

I can’t say what made us choose these films in particular. We are not the somber types and the subject matter was serious enough to put a circus clown in a funk.

I suppose you have to look at life with a serious lens sometimes, right?

Get some perspective.

Or not…..and say you did.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, my friends.






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A quirky sense-o-humour coupled with an indelible sense of stylish sarcasm makes it difficult to take the world too seriously doesn't it? My faves: fun, passion and hard work. I work here everyday:


Thanks for the recommendations. I am a cinema freak, just as much as a book freak - well maybe a bit less with the cinema. I've watched the three trailers and Compliance got me very excited, but unfortunately I can't find it around here. On the other hand, Being Flynn is on my watching list for this weekend. 


All films have their purpose: to educate, to make you think, to entertain, to make you laugh uncontrollably, to make you sad, to scare you etc. The choice is on us, thus I pick accordingly. If you want another round of "thinking" ones, give a go to: 'The Skin I Live In', 'Melancholia', 'Detachment'. 


I'm typically a surface guy and tend toward the lighthearted; however, it's good to go deep at times and really think things through. Sometimes I'm afraid to go too deep because what I see might scare me; so it's easy to be the 'funny' guy.


Movies and music can have a significant impact as can writing.


Keep an open mind. 


Movies, music and scent: the trio that evokes so many memories and feelings. I, like @Hajra have not seen the movies mentioned, but I am a "shake it up" kinda' gal. And like @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing , I've been to Stratford, but ditto the "it didn't make me wish to read more Shakespeare."


Movies have too much power to influence us. We just need to be watching the right ones! I haven't watched these movies, but there are some which have forced me to think way too much about what and how we are doing things. I hope I could act on some issues soon..

rdopping moderator

 @sophiesignin Thanks for the recommendations. I will keep those in mind. The first sounds interesting. No comments about Shakespeare, huh? ;-) That's a first for this stream.


Compliance was released at Sundance so you will be able to get it on video or Netflix soon I would think. Good thoughts on the emotions that we feel when watching film. That's the main reason i stay away from stuff with gratuitous violence or horror. Just doesn't work for me.


Thanks fro dropping by Sohie. Always good to see you here. 


rdopping moderator

 @timbo1973 Damn that @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing   for introducing Shakespeare into the comment thread and that  @Kaarina Dillabough for egging her on. Couple of pixies, those two. Ha! Now you have to comment on Shakespeare too!


Well, I can't fault a fellow Canadian for coming by and leaving a comment here. So, thank you!

Plod along my man and don't let that stuff scare you. It's just cinema.


Have a great day.

rdopping moderator

My door is always open  @bdorman264 and my mind, well, if it wasn't I wouldn't be doing this. Har. Hey, there is nothing wrong with being a surface guy. It can get ugly down there in the depths. Keep being the funny guy, that's what we love about you, sir.


Thanks for dropping by.


rdopping moderator

 @KDillabough  @Hajra   @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing Agreed on the music and scent. If you give any one of these whirl see Being Flynn unless you don't like Robert DeNiro. Beautifully shot and he is stellar. You almost forget you are watching a movie.


Shakespeare give me a headache but as mentioned to Hajra I did see Hamlet at the National Ballet and it was stellar. Thanks for popping by. Hope things are well and the summer is going well too. Cheers!

rdopping moderator

 @Hajra  Agreed. I think these choices were important and as I mentioned to Jayme below interesting social statements on the nature of the world we live in. Sure, we can watch happy films and we do more often than not but we couldn't pass these ones up. A little controversy, ya know?


Thanks as always for dropping by.

rdopping moderator

 @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing No Shakespeare for me. Culturally much better but also very controversial in subject matter. I have been to see Hamlet at the National Ballet though. Does that count? I know the films I referenced are not the most enlightening in subject matter but they were definitely interesting social statements about the world today.


Note sure your thoughts on that but by your response I am assuming you choose not to bite. Thanks for dropping in.


 @rdopping 'The Skin I Live In' is a bit distressing, so beware :) As for Shakespeare, well for someone with an English degree I feel biased commenting :)