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Do you have a FOBM and does a FOMO drive your social activity?

Just because is not always a good reason.

We haven’t shared anything at all since December 14, 2012 at theviewfromhere.

There is no particular reason other than we have both been sick with the flu and the holiday season is the one time of year that our focus turns predominantly to those around us in real life. Gosh, you know, I wrote that term so many times this past year, IRL [in real life] and now that I look at it after nearly two weeks of very little activity on-line, in social, in the blogging community, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google + I come to the realization that the term is now blatantly ridiculous to me.

We are always in real life.

I came across an article yesterday, December 26, 2012, that has to be the one piece I read this year that I can say really and truly resonated with how I am feeling about my place in the on-line world. The words in the article are very, very true and I have to thank Gisele Navarro Mendez for sharing it with her community. I chose to link you to her Google + page simply because that’s where I found the post.

I am guilty of have a FOBM.

I am guilty of having a FOMO.

Personally, these two things lead me to the need to make a change in how I participate in the on line world.

I love the banter in the blogs, I love the camaraderie in Facebook, Google + Communities and I love the shares on Twitter. Creating content and sharing images and video on these platforms is great fun and we certainly will continue but after reading the following article I seriously have to think about my contribution to the mass data that makes up the sphere we occupy.

I have no delusions of grandeur.

I never have. I am merely learning and maturing in an industry that is ever evolving. This coming year, 2013, will be a year not unlike the one that just passed. This place, theviewfromhere, has grown immensely since its modest beginnings in June 2011; a mere 18 months ago. With the help of many friends in the blogging, business and social world we have learned a lot about what works for us around here and we will continue to grow, learn and focus our attention on the things that help us offer the type of place that interests like-minded folks. That is all we can do and that is the best we can do.

With that we leave you with this piece. Please take the time to read it.


Social Media and the Devolution of Friendship


Happy New Year to you, your family and your friends.

With all honesty and with my heart I look forward to enjoying your company in the next year.





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A quirky sense-o-humour coupled with an indelible sense of stylish sarcasm makes it difficult to take the world too seriously doesn't it? My faves: fun, passion and hard work. I work here everyday:


Thank you for sharing this, Ralph. Isn't it almost scary what we have allowed ourselves to become? I really need to re-look at time spent on Social Media versus time spent with 'real' people. A great reminder for one more thing to add to my list of focus areas in 2013.

Adam | Customer Experience
Adam | Customer Experience

Thoughtful post Ralph. I too have been absent from the sphere, and it is interesting how that absence manifests itself. I've given this some thought the past few weeks and have resolved to work in 2013 on deepening and developing the relationships with those I have a connection with online.


Have a safe and great new year!

rdopping moderator

Hi  @CorinneRodrigues thank you for coming by this place. I think focus is the key word in what you said. We all can use a little more focus when it comes to our activity in all parts of our lives. Cheers to you and to a great 2013.

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rdopping moderator

Cheers  @Adam | Customer Experience I couldn't have said it better myself.


I have a few things I need to get done this year that will change my focus a bit. This place is still part of it and my plan to continue to grow this site is still sound just a little different. Evolution, you know? 2013 will bring a little more research for me and more focused content related to the specifics of my industry based on what I achieve during the year. Still open and a little loose but that's how I roll, I suppose.


Great article on the UFC in Fast Company this month. There are some interesting CS related goodies there too!


Happy New Year Adam! Cheers!

rdopping moderator

 @timbo1973 Thanks Tim. Likewise. It will be a great year. I am looking forward to making some leaps that will change my contribution to my industry. I wish you well and much success. Cheers!

Adam | Customer Experience
Adam | Customer Experience

 @rdopping Look forward to the evolution Ralph -- whatever shape it takes.


Great article on UFC! I missed the fights Sat night -- looks like it was a great card.