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January 2013: Read This Stuff: Where can I find your Public Parts?

Happy New Year!

Haven’t you heard that enough?

Damn, what if you are reading this in March or August?

Well, regardless of when you discovered this post we wish you well. This is the first Read This Stuff of 2013 which is our monthly romp through the bookshelf to see what we can share with you.

This month we are featuring Private Parts by Jeff Jarvis.

This book examines our world through the eighth continent; the internet and how we are affected by and can affect our lives through the use of the internet. It explores the public nature and our fears of sharing and exposing our privacy.

It exposes the good and the bad of our public and personal eighth continent.

Without further ado here is our take on this month’s book!

The video is only a little over 5 minutes which is less time, on average, that you would spend reading a blog post. So, enjoy and please let us know what you think of the video (quality & content) and any thoughts you have on the ideas we present regarding the content of this book.

With your help we can make this better; for you.

Thank you for giving us your time and for sharing. We are eternally grateful!









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bdorman264 1 Like

Public parts, huh? Did you shave? Are you homeless again? Hurry up and get to Florida so I can buy you a beer.....

rdopping moderator 1 Like

 @bdorman264 March 10 my friend. We will be in Clearwater Beach for two weeks. Look out.

AlaskaChickBlog 1 Like

(snickering uncontrollably) And THIS is why I haven't started making my own videos! Ha! I loved seeing you, hearing you, Ralph, it was awesome! You're so brave!! (seriously)

BetsyKCross 1 Like

Funny! I love a good book. Hope it's in the library... :)


P.S. Just is!