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QOTW 2013: Week 3: What is our obsession with knowing everyone’s preferences?

And why are the private parts always so interesting?

I am not prone to watching Awards shows and the Golden Globes with all its glitz and glam is not something that usually inspires me. Considering the films and shows that were nominated, the political innuendo regarding the nomination or lack thereof (for the other awards show coming up) of a certain film and the change in attitude of the entire affair I would have to say the time was well spent watching the whole thing.

We did and it was a first for me.

(full disclosure: I did watch the opening to last year’s show just to hear Ricky Gervais burn the industry and its stars)

What I did noticed was the love of the art, the genuine gratitude of the winners and the eloquence of the acceptance speeches. Is that first-timers naiveté? There were some moments that actually made my wife and I well up. Funny, but true.

The folks in Hollywood are real people with real feelings too!?!

Ben Affleck’s speech said it all. He seemed just like a kid again. It really is inspiring to see a guy so excited about his work and so honoured to receive recognition for his efforts.

We all know a life in Hollywood comes with the public’s fascination of an actor’s every move and can be cruel and unforgiving when something appears out of the norm. Public life is a touchy subject in any forum. Do the public and media have a right to pry into the deeply personal issues that we all deal with as people? Many a debate has been waged on the subject of rights and privacy and these Awards shows don’t help with the pervasiveness of the public’s obsession with knowing everything there is to know about Hollywood.

Does that insatiable hunger mean Hollywood has an obligation to divulge everything about itself?

That brings us to today’s quote.

What can we say about Jodie Foster? Her acceptance of the Cecil B DeMille award was something that I personally think is well deserved. She appears in front of us as an intelligent and independent woman; an incredible actress who has over the span of her career done some amazing things both as an actor and as a director. Her speech was well crafted and her sense of humour, self-respect and respect for her industry cannot be outdone by her professionalism.

Jodie Foster, above all else, shows us that the path we choose in life is ours.









If that doesn’t make you think then maybe this will.

“I never wanted to believe that my Dad was stealing from his job as a road worker. But when I got home, all the signs were there.”

Have a great Monday and an awesome week.

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Craig McBreen
Craig McBreen

Hey Ralph,


I've been away from pop culture for a while so tell me, what is the hubbub building around "Zero Dark Thirty?"


I'll be honest. I hate awards shows and never watch them, but I completely agree with you on Ricky Gervais … he's the one guy who made it interesting and got skewered for it (I did watch his clips on YouTube).


It's no surprise Ben Affleck did so well. I do think he aspires to politics and he is creative and very sharp. Same for Jodie Foster, I've always liked her and had a crush on her when I was a kid.


Hope all is well in T-Town Mr. D.


Give me a few minutes while I decide which quote I like better, Ralph. I'll take both, please! Love Jodie.

rdopping moderator

Ha ha @kateupdates thanks for dropping by. Yeah, that Lucy Liu is a hot Tamili (sp?). Anyway, lots of respect for Jodie Foster for what she has done and what she stands dorm. Simply inspiring.

rdopping moderator

Holy caw  @Craig McBreen  I am taking longer and longer to respond. The benefits of Lifefyre are inherent in the name. Rapid fire response. Not in this case.


Zero Dark Thirty huh? Kathryn Bigalo, from what I have heard, got slighted for the Oscars potentially because of political intervention. It's a big story with a lot of layers. I do want to see the movie and I think I will because it is far from the standard American patriotism schlock Hollywood normally churns out. Sorry.


Stick to your guns on the awards show. I don't much like them either and I watched because my wife likes it and there was a lot of politics this year. I wanted to see how it played out and there were some funny moments. 


Great post at your place today. Really enjoyed it! Your logic and sensitivity to your craft is really shining through.

Craig McBreen
Craig McBreen

 @rdopping That's why I still use the good old WordPress comments feature. With CommentLuv it works fine for me.


Well, I loved "The Hurt Locker," so I am looking forward to this one. And don't apologize, Schlocky patriotism is something many Americans are sick of. Good lord! I'm also sick of superhero schlock. Man, they are driving that one into the ground. TV is eating Hollywoods lunch! That's where the creativity is these days: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire. Need I go on? ... ;)


Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words. Have a great weekend!