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QOTW 2013: Week 13: Is there ever a good reason for getting lost?

Hey, where the heck have YOU been?

Um, what happened? Yes, we missed weeks 11 and 12. Well, we took a couple of weeks of vacation, that’s what. We actually thought about the impact of not posting our regular QOTW posts a bit before we left and resolved for a couple of reasons it made sense to just take a break.

Taking a few weeks off far outweighed the idea of writing something that wasn’t real or from the heart. The great thing, for us, about this Monday morning post is it is more off the cuff than planned. It takes on the flavour of the previous week and we always find an interesting learning experience to share with you guys. In this context, scripted posts would have seemed contrived.

Excuses, excuses.

Sure, sure, we could have found a way. The internet is never far away but it just felt right to let it slide. Besides, it was nice to get out of our routine and take in some different scenery too. Some that didn’t involve a computer screen (even though that’s not totally true either).

So, now we are going to apologize even more because this week we have nothing seriously interesting to share other than a few of vacation photos (ugh, right?). I should never say that we learned absolutely nothing in the last two weeks but I think we seriously tried hard to not think about too much other than enjoying each other’s company.

The benefits are astounding.

And the mental rest is good for the soul. I suppose there’s a good story in that alone regardless of the cliché and over-stated nature of taking time to recharge the batteries. I can’t help but say it’s true though.

Try it if you can. You’ll see.

That brings us to today’s quote.

The quote we chose this week fits the vibe well. I have never heard of Josie Maran before but, hey, that’s no big deal. She’s a model, an actor and more interestingly entrepreneur. She has an interesting cosmetics line that uses an eco-friendly natural product. Not my thing really but it does sound interesting. Kudos to her for doing it her way. Take it away Josie.

If that doesn’t brighten your day then maybe this will.


What do you call a psychic midget that has escaped from prison? A small medium at large.


Have a great Monday and an awesome week.

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Erin F.
Erin F. 1 Like

Getting lost isn't all bad. You can find new things and ways of thinking about things. You might even find where you're supposed to be going or what you're supposed to be doing. The dangerous part is when you lose your internal compass. When that happens, getting lost is a very, very bad thing. You have to stop and be still until you regain your sense of direction. If you don't, you'll end up wandering around in circles.I guess I riffed on your title more so than the post... 

rdopping moderator

 @Erin F. Riff away. I do agree with what you are saying. One of the quotes I was going to use was something akin to "Get lost so you can be found." or something like that. Anyway, you certainly got the point. Thanks fro dropping by and thanks for leaving your thoughts.


Always appreciated.