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QOTW 2013: Week 20: Where the F**K have you been and what are you reading?

Sorry to be graphic, I read somewhere that it attracts eyeballs.

“It’s sooooooo easy, huh?” I thought to myself.

It’s just so easy to stop writing, blogging and sharing on-line. Just stop. And I did. What I’m not going to do is talk about it endlessly. I’m not going to make excuses. F**K that.


Forgive me?


Now I need to work hard to build back the engagement that I did have. I also need learn about those tools that will make this site more visible on-line. Two BIG tasks. In-between, I will work (at my day job). That all important – DAY JOB.

For better or worse.

Cause I love it.

Simple as that.

So, whattya got?

Well, I read recently that people of a certain generation prefer to look at graphics, video and images instead of reading a lot of text. Naturally, I didn’t do any further research before I jumped on the “I am an old man and I like to read” train and started to ask a bunch of questions about how the detail of an idea gets expressed visually. Why? Because, I don’t get it. To me, a bunch of words strung together can look visually pleasing too and you get something from the author you may not get from an image.

A thousand words. Yeah, but are they the right thousand?

Video is a different story though, huh?

I totally get that one.

Think about how much you can communicate with 5 min of video. I recently finished a presentation on Collaborative Project Delivery in which I distilled 7,500 words down to a 45min talk. Like any good Presentation Zen lover and as an Interior Designer I supported my topic with strong visual images (and not a lot of text). It’s not video but you can make the logical leap.

You could read 7,500 words or listen to an Interior Design guy talk about his life experiences supported by imagery.


I sure hope I made my audience feel something.

If I did, could I have done the same by simply writing the piece? There is likely an argument for both BUT if people prefer images and video then that’s what they prefer. Is that why TEDx is so huge?

Do you prefer video over writing? Images over text? Or is it a time and place thing for you?

That brings us to today’s quote.

I went to the music industry for this one. Mos Def was once described as the best dressed man in the music industry. I don’t know about that but he sure is one hip cat. Mr. Def (that sounds weird) certainly has committed himself with the quote below. I suppose because he creates emotion through lyrics and sound he sees the value in crafting imagery through words.

With that, I challenge thee, Millennials. Imagine this…..

If that doesn’t brighten your day then maybe this will.


A neutron walks into a bar, sits down and asks “how much for a beer?” After a moment of quiet contemplation, the bartender responds, “For you? No charge.”


Have a great Monday and an awesome week.

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Lori 1 Like

Hey Ralph! I was wondering where you were! But then again I've been pretty AWOL  myself lately, though I did have leave - to build my new web site. It's tough to be everywhere at once!

I like to read and sometimes, when I need to multi-task, I like listening. Videos are fine too - and kudos to you for condensing 7500 words into a 45 minute talk!

I love the first quote Ralph- an "economy of words" - I strive for that, to say my piece with few words. It keeps me sharp, or at least on my toes!



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rdopping moderator

 @Lori Hi Lori. I just saw this! Things are great. It's good to see you are revamping your site. Small steps. I can't wait to see what you are up to.


Thanks for coming by. It has been a while. Agreed, verbosity is one of my crutches, at times. We have a new series started that will likely help with that. look out for it when you are floating around the interwebz. Cheers!

Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR 2 Like

Nice to see you! Now that I've said it in about 4 places, I will now stop that, too!


Video, when done charmingly well, is enticing. Images that are poignant and make me think, I love. Words that share messages belong with both of these, too. I like words; but, words immediately take on a life of their own. When poorly written, we don't read, we look, listen and watch instead. So, there's your answer!

rdopping moderator

@Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing Hi Jayme. I have missed your wit. Thank you and it's good to be back in the fray. I see your point and it is like The other comments here. I may take a poll in my company and see. We have over 500 people so if I can get a good sampling I might make some headway. Naturally, I am asking these questions because I have an idea which should take shape in the next few weeks. Cheers miss.

Caitlin Kelly
Caitlin Kelly 1 Like

It depends. I read constantly, for work and pleasure, and write for a living, so everything I read somehow affects my writing. I love watching videos as a break and a different way to learn or just soak up some visual beauty.


But Mos Def is right. The right words paint tremendous pictures in our imaginations.

rdopping moderator

@Caitlin Kelly Hi Caitlin, I think you hit on something interesting here. Imagination. I mentioned that to Betsy. Video, for all its merit in time savings, may rob the imagination. It's hard to argue when you see something awe inspiring though. It does depend but I m afraid the mass of Gen Y sees it differently. No, I have little basis for that other than what I read and observe in my workplace. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

rlalita 1 Like

Ralph you fit your description of a quirky sense of humor and an indelible sense of stylish sarcasm :-). I loved your graphics and the sense of humor. Is video or graphics or images more appealing than the other. I make a choice among them depending on what the message conveyed is. Video has its place and works very well to convey some messages. Ted is a great example. Pictures works well on a post re: nature or hikes. I don't think it would be fair to do away with any of them. Good thought provoking questions

rdopping moderator

@rlalita Hi there. Not sure of your name. Can you drop by and letme know? Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated. I suppose you are correct but it seems that the younger Gen doesn't want text based communication as much as the older Gen does. I did say want but likely should have said prefers. I guess it comes down to your audience and who you are trying to reach. Tell me, which Gen are you? I am on the leading edge of Gen X.

BetsyKCross 1 Like

I'm very visual. I prefer reading that sparks my imagination. But if I'm learning something, a video is better because my mind tends to wander and I would have to reread instructions carefully and that's a bummer.

I think there's a place for both.

Blogger I think have to do more story-telling - relating what they do in business (or whatever reason they have a blog) in a real-to-life way that allows the reader to feel like they could be a part of the story/situation so that they can SEE their problem solved vs. have it explained to them. It makes a difference to me when I can put myself in someone else's "shoes" and FEEL the circumstances and results of choices, etc.

Great questions!

rdopping moderator

@BetsyKCross Hi Betsy. Thanks for the visit and comments. So, if you think you need to feel what the blogger is communicating (great POV BTW) then you feel like you get more from the written word? What's interesting to me is that with writing we have to work harder on both aides in order to communicate our intent and as a reader to imagine what the writers point of view is. With video the emotional cues are much easier to read but the downside is that we may lose depth. I like the way you related it. Cheers.