What is behind that curtain?

Well, it seems like a curtain doesn’t it. The internet can be that way and it is certainly a challenge to maintain a high level of transparency in the on-line world. We venture here because it is a way to share our thoughts, experiences and the knowledge we have gained stemming from many years working in the Architecture + Design industry.

Who are we?

  • We are a couple.
  • We are design and management professionals.
  • We care deeply about our industry and its success.

Our love of architecture, design, management and the creative industry in general makes us who we are.

The content we produce on this site expresses our individual ideas and is meant to elicit thought, build interest and provide solution oriented ideas for us all to develop and grow. Contribution and topics will vary and your input will help to shape and build the content.

We simply intend to increase awareness of the world around us and how Architecture, Design and Management play a vital role in our day to day working lives.

To find out more and get some juicy tidbits visit our Want Some Help? Page.

Meet The Team!

Ralph Dopping is an Interior Designer and a leadership and management  professional.

Ralph is the chief cook and bottle washer around the site. You will see him digging deep into the content, sweeping up the hallways, fixing the pipes and typically poking fun at the world in general. Oh, he has a serious side which most of his friends have seen but he doesn’t let that get him into trouble. His writing does that for him.

Check him out on LinkedIn.

Janine Grossmann is an Interior Designer and a business development professional.

Janine makes sure the site makes some damn sense. She looks at Ralph sideways when his content gets a little too wacky and she makes sure the train stays on the tracks. Editing, giving instructions and generally keeping a calm, sensible approach is her prime responsibility and she does it extremely well and with purpose.

Check her out on LinkedIn.


Enjoy the site and feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and insights. Your contribution is welcome and is vital to our collective growth as individuals. You can contact us here and tell us how we can help you or to simply share some ideas.

We take your privacy very seriously and we will never share your email with anyone.

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