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Are you an Artist? Answer: You might surprise yourself!

Art is a selective recreation of reality based on a person’s values.  -  Ayn Rand If you hold that statement true then anything can be art and anyone can be an artist. I love that sentiment; anyone can be an artist. It makes me feel good. Sit and think about it a bit. How does [...]

Ego, Leadership and a Chocolate Bar (a likely combo).

What do those three things have in common? Well, two of them; ego and leadership are likely symbiotic but a chocolate bar? You are just going to have to read on to find out. I attended a panel discussion featuring Mirko Zardini this past week put on by the Daniels Lecture Series billed as Zoning [...]

What’s the quickest route to Trust?


“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” Ernest Hemingway Have I given you a reason to trust me? Not really. Unless you really want to. Most of the time the only way to build trust is to earn it. You need to do things consistently that make [...]

Who are you anyway?

You are you and that is true, there’s no one in the world who’s youer than you. How true. I tell you, this guy Dr. Seuss had his way with words. As child-like as it seems it always carries a rhythm of absolute truth with it. Who could be more you than you? You can [...]

What do MMA, Fate and Design have in common?

Conceive. Believe. Achieve. I heard these three words on The Score. I was watching The MMA Show which featured a fighter who said these three words are the mantra for his training, his fighting style and his attitude for success. Funny thing is that the only time I really watch network TV anymore is when [...]


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