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Contracts for Consulting Services: Are Interior Designers at risk?

Contracts for Consulting Services_Feature

As Interior Designers we are responsible for our client’s safety. Our clients hire us to consult on how their spaces are to be built. In doing so we are responsible for ensuring the resulting design meets the requirements of local building codes. If any part of the design fails we are responsible to fix it [...]

The hidden risks in delivering design services: QOTW 13:49


If you don’t pay attention, delivering design services can be risky business. The firm where I work has a voluntary educational program for its staff which offers learning opportunities derived from direct examples of project work. The program name expresses the culture of the firm through two words, integrated and education, to form Integrateducation. Going to [...]

How technology has changed Interior Design: QOTW 13-46

QOTW 45_feature

It feels like we never have enough time to design anymore. Have you heard that lately? In order to remain relevant we need to generate ideas for projects much quicker. It’s the nature of the world today. If you wait the moment will pass you by. Blame technology if you want. Advances in the tools [...]

QOTW 13-43: When planning resources where is your A-Team?


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team. I was recently talking to a colleague about planning resources and an interesting subject came up. How often do you think Design firms only bring the A-Team to the table in order [...]

QOTW 2013: Week 42: Are relationships in business really that new?


We are in the relationship era. I heard that somewhere recently and it caught my attention. It was used in the context of managing a team and building business and not in the marketing sense. With social media, mobile technology and the saturation happening in the on-line world direct relationships is becoming a big deal [...]


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