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quantitative data

Can quantitative data improve client relationships?

quantitative data

Have you ever tried to measure the quality of your relationships? When Interior Designers configure physical workspace for our clients, we observe their behavior as part of the design process. We look for reactions to our compiled data, and we take cues from their responses to better understand their needs. As a natural part of [...]

how behavior influences the workplace

How behavior influences workplace design.

how behavior influences the workplace

Is behavior even something you consider when designing a workplace? Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves but we all wear our behavior on our sleeves. Good or bad, it’s there for us all to see. If you consider our behavior makes us who we are and our actions essentially define us it’s important to ensure [...]

Becoming a registered Interior Designer: Is there a missing link?

Becoming a registered Interior Designer_missing link

How do Interior Designers learn the skills to become a registered Interior Designer? If we want to take inspiration from the winged goddess of victory we may say, “Just do it!” But simply, just do it won’t get us there, will it? No, not really. There are three minimum requirements to becoming a registered Interior [...]

Interior Design Project Managers: The truth, some lies and a surprise.


Project Managers are from Mars, Interior Designers are from Venus. These days our clients, more often than not, bring Project Management firms to the table and personally, I applaud them for it. Yes, this Interior Design Project Manager appreciates the third party Project Manager’s role on the project team. It makes as much sense to have [...]

Contracts for Consulting Services: Are Interior Designers at risk?

Contracts for Consulting Services_Feature

As Interior Designers we are responsible for our client’s safety. Our clients hire us to consult on how their spaces are to be built. In doing so we are responsible for ensuring the resulting design meets the requirements of local building codes. If any part of the design fails we are responsible to fix it [...]


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