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What I learned about Communication from Cool Hand Luke

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Cool Hand Luke (original version) had a problem with communication and Strother Martin tried to set him straight but apparently as Strother so deliberately pointed out there are some men you just can’t reach. Since Cool Hand Luke that line has been used at least 17 times [...]

How do you define Twitter?

I was recently listening to a Joseph Jaffe and Mitch Joel podcast from back in July (yes, I said July) where they discussed a variety of topics about Twitter among other digressions. I know its 3 months ago (today being October 1). Does that make me irrelevant? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. Anyway, these two [...]

What is a Cottage Lobotomy?


We just returned from our seasonal summer sojourn (two weeks ago – boy, how time flies). At least once a year a couple of weeks at the cottage is just what the doctor ordered for over-stimulated urbanites. Each year we remind ourselves about a 2007 article written by Leah McLaren for the Globe and Mail [...]

Places We Love – Feature – Jazz FM 91.1

Billy_01_B+W copy

As you may notice, we’ve included a series of links called other places we love.  The sites provide us with creative inspiration, are thought starters, and may offer a view from there.  This week we’ve included something a little different and provided a link to Jazz FM91.  It’s a great radio station here in Toronto [...]

What is your new black?

Different is the new black. What’s yours?


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