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Chasing Normal

We all do it, every day. The important thing is that we recognize that we are chasing it. Why? Because, it’s just like breathing. You don’t focus on it, it just happens. I didn’t realize it myself until I heard Bob Mackenzie use the term chasing normal on The Hockey Insider on TSN. The topic [...]

What a boyhood fear taught me about risk.

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s worth the risk? What is risk to you? You can typically define risk as the chance for exposure or loss but it means something totally different to each of us. When I think back to when I was young, risk is that analogous monster under the bed or [...]

What are you afraid of?


Fear of death increases in exact proportion to increase in wealth.   That statement gives the brand No Fear a bit of a different perspective. These extreme sports motorcycle guys clearly have a different way to look at life. The sense I get is that their version of No Fear is about feeling. Feeling life, feeling exhilarated [...]

What is an Info Equation?

Info graphics are huge now. What were the early inceptions of info graphics? Maps? Transit routes? Road signs? Cave paintings? The most famous of the early info graphic has to be the Da Vinci Vitruvian Man circa 1487. What are they meant to do? Quickly display a ton of information, that’s what. In the fast [...]

How do you conquor Resistance?


 I have been reading a book by Steven Pressfield called The War of Art, in it he examines a concept called Resistance. Resistance is something that manifests itself as unique to each individual as a fingerprint, while displaying a commonality that is visibly consistent. In essence, Mr. Pressfield suggests that we resist our true passion [...]


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