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Five easy ways to get an opinion. Your design depends on it.

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You’re a Canadian designer. You’re polite, not opinionated. Canadians are often stereotyped as being polite and apologetic — almost to a fault. Most stereotypes are rooted in truth. And though we have a diverse workforce representing many different cultures, I still can see the Canadian in the people I work with. Despite our polite demeanor, [...]

quantitative data

Can quantitative data improve client relationships?

quantitative data

Have you ever tried to measure the quality of your relationships? When Interior Designers configure physical workspace for our clients, we observe their behavior as part of the design process. We look for reactions to our compiled data, and we take cues from their responses to better understand their needs. As a natural part of [...]

Interior Design Project Managers: The truth, some lies and a surprise.


Project Managers are from Mars, Interior Designers are from Venus. These days our clients, more often than not, bring Project Management firms to the table and personally, I applaud them for it. Yes, this Interior Design Project Manager appreciates the third party Project Manager’s role on the project team. It makes as much sense to have [...]

The hidden risks in delivering design services: QOTW 13:49


If you don’t pay attention, delivering design services can be risky business. The firm where I work has a voluntary educational program for its staff which offers learning opportunities derived from direct examples of project work. The program name expresses the culture of the firm through two words, integrated and education, to form Integrateducation. Going to [...]

QOTW 13-43: When planning resources where is your A-Team?


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team. I was recently talking to a colleague about planning resources and an interesting subject came up. How often do you think Design firms only bring the A-Team to the table in order [...]


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