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QOTW 2013: Week 39: Does Professional Accreditation change the game for Interior Designers?


So, you finally have your accreditation. Now what? Anyone who knows me is aware, when I was younger, of how I felt about my professional association. Mind you, they had their challenges but even so, I had my opinion of their ability to represent our profession. At the time I decided I had no real [...]

What’s up with Fred Flintstone’s self-fulfilling prophesy of success?


Fred Flintstone was, for a time, a role model to a lot of young minds. When I was a young lad in public school I had the convenience of being able to come home for lunch and I remember rushing home and wolfing down my lunch just so I could catch the daily episode of [...]

{Guest Post} Recipes for Success: Copy/Paste or Create Your Own?

Sophie Novak_Feature

Today’s post comes from a new friend in a far away place. I have known Sophie for only a short while but her style is infectious and she is always ready to make her readers think. Sophie is a life interrogator, a curious soul constantly challenged by our world full of amazing surprises. She is [...]

Can Independent Thinking influence why do you do what you do?

The independent mind. What a beautiful thought. I often think about a collective attitude, integration in a team environment and commonality of purpose when I think about the places I have worked and what my passion is; project management. I am wondering if you, whatever you do, consider the people you work with like-minded? Do [...]

How do you define your success?

It’s the question that millions of sage gurus have advised us on over the ages but isn’t it really up to you to define? How do you define success? What the heck is success anyway? Success is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. Ask a martial artist and he might [...]


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