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What are the best THINGS in life?

I found this poster when I was out for a walk recently. It was plastered on the side of a signal box at a railway crossing and it was clearly there for quite some time considering how deteriorated it was. There was no indication if it was supporting a cause or was part of an [...]

What does Frank Zappa know about branding?

I am a HUGE Frank Zappa fan. Frank Zappa pushed the boundaries of the music industry in every way possible. Rumour has it that he was an extremely intelligent guy. He wrote crazy, completely inappropriate and politically incorrect (when politically incorrect was just a figment of anyone’s imagination) music which mixed forms of jazz, blues [...]

Who are you anyway?

You are you and that is true, there’s no one in the world who’s youer than you. How true. I tell you, this guy Dr. Seuss had his way with words. As child-like as it seems it always carries a rhythm of absolute truth with it. Who could be more you than you? You can [...]


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